The Joys of Canadian Politics

Last week I tuned into a 15 second radio news update on the political situation up north. It appears that the Canadian government, lead by a minority Tory government, pulled a “fast one” on the other three parties in the House; Liberals, NDP and the separatist Bloc, leaving everyone with their “knickers in knots.”

For some background read Tom Flanagan’s article in The Globe and Mail, ‘This coalition changes everything.’ Afterwards, you should view some of the comments.

Personally, the situation “emit[s] a strong offensive odor.”  I have never been in favor of a separatist party holding any seats in Parliament, collecting salaries from hard working Canadian tax payers – with the sole purpose of establishing Quebec as a sovereign state.  However, if  this is a moment in time whereby Canadians need to hold their noses for 18 months, lets do so; meanwhile let the Liberals sort out the leadership mess, the NDP get a grab on economic reality and the Bloc hymn a more Federalist tune.  Oh ya, Dion – FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE MAN – STAND YOUR GROUND!!!


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