Conversation(s) with a ‘not-so silent’ Citizen

Where do I start? Ok. These questions are broad, with no particular order.  I just want to get a sense of your thoughts on some issues, nothing deep and probing into the psyche.

Did you know that newborns are given the Hepatitis-B vaccine?  Would you have your newborn vaccinated with Hep-B? I would probably say no, when you and I were small, they didn’t have Hepatitis-B or Chicken Pox vaccines and we turned out fine.  I don’t think I would do anymore that was necessary.  After all, is my newborn going to be in a place to contract Hepatitis-B?  Must likely not – I would do only what’s necessary.

How long will it take to get out of the American recession? I was reading an article this morning, and they predict the bottom will fall out this summer.   I think it maybe late 2010, for us to get everything on track.  It will get worse before it gets better.  Obama really has his work cut out for him. I noticed he already has a few more gray hairs.  Maybe it’s the lighting [where the interviews are conducted], but I see the gray. You know, I saw him speak, at Rhode Island College last year.  We went out with my aunt, a very liberal minded woman – unlike my parents.

Your thoughts on Michelle Obama? She’s a savvy dresser, I love her outfits… (to be continued).

If the average American had his/her way, what would they do with Madoff? The average American can give a rat’s ass about Madoff because chances are they can’t afford to invest – they’re too consumed with their lives to care.  But for the investor they should be able to do whatever they want.

If the government gave people greater financial incentives to be more energy efficient would you jump on-board? Energy efficiency is a wonderful idea… I don’t know how realistic is it going to be or long it will take to happen.  Maybe if they started having mandatory blackouts, like in India, it would make Americans start conserving in a hurry; image not being able to log onto I-tunes or Judge Judy….  Right now, solar panels are very expensive, but if they made it affordable I would [slap them on them on my roof].

What’s your opinion on Ty’s (the makers of the Beanie Babies) decision to remove their “Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha” from the production line? I think it would be weird for the kids to have dolls of themselves and most kids don’t have dolls of themselves.  She’s (Michelle Obama) done the right thing in trying to have her kids grow up as normal as possible and not seen as elitist.  Besides, I think it’s a little creepy having a doll of yourself.

If you had a choice, what tree would you be? A Variegated [Flowering] Maple, you don’t see them that often.

If you were God, what you do right now? I would crawl into the Budda’s head and make the world more Zen, I think the world needs that.

Public sex? Been there, done that…next question.

Where the hell is Bin Ladin? Some country is hiding him – I’m going to say Afghanistan, but I won’t put anything pass Pakistan.

Your favorite movie: The Color Purple

Favorite band: R.E.M.

Favorite color: Dark blue, cobalt blue

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Cape Codder

Favorite season of the year: Summer…. It’s hard for me to find a dress that looks good on me, so I wear jeans in late fall and winter, but in the summer time I wear a lot of skirts.

Favorite huddy meal: Chicken marsala, extra mushrooms, roasted red potatoes and asparagus. – Favorite thing he says: “come and get it baby”, that means dinner is ready.


I want to be the hetero Dan Savage…just for one night…(soft sigh).


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