The chimp vs. commonsense

CNN dropped their  “two cents” on freedom of expression in the media,  in the latest discussion on the New York Post cartoon of two officers shooting a chimp, making reference to the Obama administration.

Lets be very honest, in the face of good journalism,  the cartoon is in poor judgement given North America’s historic struggle with race relations.   Albeit, Al Sharpton is a “publicity opportunist” – I like that very polite term from the Post– nonetheless, the Black Community of North America is not the Israeli Lobby; we lack the forces of money, power and influence to transform poor judgement and lack of commonsense into an instant public apology and possible demotion for the fear of major financial lost and  critical globe outcry for publishing the cartoon in the first place.

So, let Sharpton do what he does best, in hopes that someday when the words utter, “The Black Lobby is outraged” everyone stops and waits for the instant (what the hell was I thinking) apology followed by someone’s resignation.

You can read more from Huffington Post: ‘New York Post Chimp Cartoon Compares Stimulus Author to Dead Primate’


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