“dietary therapy”…some good news

Dear Readers,

The 2009 January/February  issue of Neurology Now landed on my desk, with a post-it directing my attention to page 17 – “Eating Well for Epilepsy: The benefits of the ketogenic diet for children with intractable seizures”.

In all, some parents with children who suffer from neurological disorders  are searching for “‘holistic’ alternative[s] to drugs”, yet not all parents are aware that the ketogenic method has been in existence for over 80 years, and has produced positive results.  Furthermore,  sense it is an alternative to harsh medication(s), some physicians are cautious due to the “metabolic changes” that can occur while on a ketogenic diet, and those changes must be monitored very carefully.

Regardless of the literature, it appears that “dietary therapy” (vegetarianism, veganism, fasting, beet & aleo vera juice, ketogenics) whatever holisitc diet you are on for longetivity will continue to be studied carefully in order to help others live more active and fulfilling lives – and that’s good news.

For more information, click on the links above – enjoy.



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  1. Glad I could help out.

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