“The Next Pandemic?”

The year was 2005 when Foreign Affairs titled its summer edition, “The Next Pandemic?”  I recalled garbing the issue off the shelf and heading to a local cafe to read about why scientist and health care providers were becoming very nervous about a pending pandemic.

I couldn’t put the issue down….

When i was finished, i pushed my cup of lukewarm black coffee aside, and wondered if my government, province and city had an emergency plan to tackle a pandemic, and they did, following the aftermath of SARS.  So  i started my own home plan, thanks to the American Red Cross.

Since then, i urged many of my readers to take a glance into the fears of WHO scientist and doctors; many of them knowing a pandemic was on the horizon, but did not know when an H5N1, H2N1, or H1N1 would jump species, causing havic among the human population.

So here we are now with another strain to fight with and contain.  Let us not panic – but remember the universal precautions, the most important one, WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER! Even after a visit to the bathroom!  This task, among other things are much more difficult for people in less develop countries, nonetheless, i remain hopefully that this currant outbreak will be contained before reaching the most valuable and vulnerable access of our human population.

Now – i’ll share with you today’s washroom story…

– I was in the library today – took a run to the washroom.  This lady was in the stall next to me – she flushed, exited the stall, waited in front of the sink – never turned on the taps (i exited my stall) and watched her admiring herself in the mirrors while i washed my hands with soap and water. She then ran her fingers through her hair and walked out of the washroom – and that’s how healthy people get these nasty germs….wash your damn hands!!!


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