The Cairo Speech – “A New Beginning”


After reading The Cairo Speech, I thought it was good time the President  neutralized the growing tensions between Islam and the West, and invited Islam back to the table of diplomatic talks and relations.

Much was said in the one hour speech, particularly my favorite part on respecting democracy, “sovereignty of nations and the rule of law” – which the United States struggled with for the last sixty-four years on the international scene and for the last 233 years domestically – truly, time for “a new beginning.”

Overall, there was a call for Muslims to preserve Islam from Islamic extremist in order to secure continuous flow of trust among all individuals regardless of political or religious beliefs.  Along with renewed corporation in the areas of economic development, women’s rights, and the Middle East Peace process.

My favorite quote:

“[N]o matter where it takes hold, government of the people and by the people sets a single standard for all who would hold power:  You must maintain your power through consent, not coercion; you must respect the rights of minorities, and participate with a spirit of tolerance and compromise; you must place the interests of your people and the legitimate workings of the political process above your party.  Without these ingredients, elections alone do not make true democracy.”

speech source: President Obama, The Cairo Speech.

image source: The White House


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