U.N. or Tim’s hot chocolate?…

…hhhmm.  Getting some Canadian business done in the international arena, or sucking back hot chocolate at a local Tim’s in Oakville, ON…

…hhhmm.  Avoiding though questions on climate change or campaigning for a few more dollars at the local Tim’s.

Then again, there’s an old proverb, “if things get too hot, you stay out of the kitchen.”

…hhhmm.  After all, its only the U.N. And Montrealers I spoke too where not surprised that our Prime Minister “missed the boat, yet again.”  Someone asked, “who the hell votes for these people, I can’t understand why that idiot is still in power.”

Well. Until the opposite delivers an amazing platform of concrete changes, or slight improvements without making any promises, “idiots” like Harper – on official government business at Tim’s –  will be able to ignore the world around them, and sit back in a local, unassuming coffee house and sip on some hot chocolate.

Thumbs up for supporting Tim’s.  Thumbs down for not getting into the heat of things at the U.N.


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