Countdown to US Senate Seat

To be very honest with you, many Massachusetts voters are torn between a women, who some say sounds condescending, and a guy who’s a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, and let’s not forget the true Independent – who’s running under the banner of “Independent” – and it’s not Scott Brown.

Bottom line, be very careful when politicians promise to cut taxes!  After all, Debts and Services have to be paid. You really need to look far down the road, 2-4 years to see how a tax cut, doesn’t come back to haunt you.  Oh ya, don’t forget, if the government isn’t getting enough money from The People to pay for services – then you lose your services and government run programs, which puts more pressure on The State Legislature to find more money – and that means raising your State taxes to compensate for the lose of revenue on the Federal level – So, stop hating Patrick – the guy is doing  his best with the State budget, and trying not to raise taxes.

Remember the old lingo – “the top-down approach” – what happens on the top will, at some point,  affect everything on the bottom.  Keep that in mind when someone promises to cut your taxes.

Safe bet – you could VOTE DEMOCRAT – after all, THE COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD A TAX CUT, not right now, especially when the economy is starting to regain momentum and strength, with two wars to clean up –  oh ya!, and the Lobbyist commercial from the Brown camp- come on – spin it however you want – every politician in Washington has to work with Lobbyist at some point, and hear their complaints and concerns  in Senate Committee hearings- you can’t get away from them.

Thanks Scott,  for showing Massachusetts voters that Coakley knows her way around Washington and can handle The Lobbying Boys.

And then there was the real Independent, Joseph Lewis Kennedy (no relation to the Kennedy Clan).  He’s still in the race-that’s impressive, and will determine who becomes the next US Senator from MA.  Now – if you really want to keep politics exciting, new and vibrant – ELECT KENNEDY, and send a clear message to the US Senate, ‘it’s not business as usual’.

Final words on HealthCare – when everybody is healthy, the country will be healthy.  The United States is an important G8 country with an Underdeveloped World approach to Health Care: let the poor suffer and if we stop paying attention to them, maybe they’ll go away – and that’s down-right shameful, and disgusting.  And if you’re concern about the cost – remember – important long-term investment cost money these days!!! Your great grandchild would look back at history and be thankful, for the courageous policy changes that helped The People.

P.S. What would Martin Luther King, Jr. say?


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