GG-Jean “might” leave office in five months

The GG of Canada decided to leave office this coming Fall.  Having said that, The Hill Times, reporter Errol P. Mendes looked into the GG’s decision to leave office at the end of her term; and credited  Jean  for bringing “global diversity and dignity to the primarily ceremonial task of representing the Queen in Canada.”  However, he reminder readers of the “undemocratic prorogrations” that took place in December 2008 and 2009, allowing the Conservative government to dodge a vote of confidence, and deny Parliament access to information regarding the transfer of detainees and possible torture.  So Harper doesn’t want to deal with Jean for another year, especially if Parliament has another minority government led by the Tories.

Afterall, Jean’s understanding of Constitutional Law would have improved-greatly!  And her tolerance for the Tories “undemocratic” behavior in Parliament might come to a dramatic halt.  So – it would be exciting to see the GG stay on for one more year, especially if the Tories lead Parliament with another minority government after the next Federal General Election.

The Montreal Gazette

The Hill Times

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