Pushing “toothpaste back into a tube”

Jaffer & Guergis

Pushing “toothpaste back into a tube” is time consuming and requires a great amount of skill –  however, “[t]he Guergis-Jaffer controversy is only the latest of string of episodes that have seen federal politicians take a hand in demolishing the thin wall that use to insulate their private lives from their public calling” –Chantal Hébert.

Furthermore, Harper wasted no time in throwing Guergis under the bus, based on “third-party” information.  She resigned her Cabinet post while the RCMP and Ethics Commissioner conduct their investigations.  Yet Harper’s decision to suspend her from the Conservative Caucus might not have been a good idea.  Presuming Guergis guilty before a finale verdict by RCMP & Ethics could cost you (Harper) the woman’s vote and possibility the next election.

Remember the story of Sōsuke Uno, former LDP Japanese Prime Minister for only three months? Well, Uno had an extramarital affair with a Geisha.  However, the issue of the affair wasn’t based on immorality, but his irresponsibility to the Geisha and his “bullying behavior”.  At the end of three months, women around Japan come out to vote against Uno and the LDP;  the highest voter turnout of women in the history of Japanese politics, causing the LDP to lose a significant amount of seats in The Diet.

So, Harper could try and push toothpaste up a tube, chances are, it will get messy because he’s not that skillful.


RE: Jaffer’s improper lobbying practices see: ‘Letter to The Commissioner of Lobbying’

RE: Guergis’s conflicts of interest since 2005 see: ‘Grit MP Sgro calls Guergis’s political and media firestorm terribly vicious’

image source: Jake Wright, The Hill Times


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