Swolling Small Amounts of Mercury

I called a friend to “check-in” and let her know how I was doing.  It was a brief conversation that had a lot of important issues to deal with; one being Dental Amalgam.

A neighbor’s daughter, in Montreal, was given Dental Amalgam as a child.  Soon afterwards the child developed unexplained rashes, acne, and other health issues.  The mother didn’t know what to do and what was causing the symptoms, and doctors did not seem to have a clue on how to manager the daughters’ condition.

Years later, and the daughter now eighteen, the mother took matters into her own hands and started researching her daughter’s  symptoms, which pointed to the Dental Amalgam fillings.

The mother approached the dentist with her findings only to be told that some people do have adverts affects to mercury; only if she was told this years earlier when her child was in tremendous pain from rashes.

As a result, the mother had to pay out of pocket to have the dangerous fillings removed; but to date, the scar tissue from the rashes and acne remains.

Not all people can tolerate Dental Amalgam, and parents need to be very aware of the possible side effects of Mercury Poisoning in their children.

Now, the daughter needs a long term detox program to ride her blood stream of the Mercury, and since Health Canada does not band the use of Dental Amalgam, parents and individuals need to be better informed of their dental choices for fillings; either take a risk with the Mercury or try something else less harmful to the environment and the body.

Hopefully, the young woman with a painful memories will still have a bright future.  And not be afraid to wear a swimsuit, shorts or t-shirt on a hot summer day in Montreal.  She deserves a chance to heal her body and mind, and that takes time.

Although the use of Dental Amalgam is in decline, health Agencies in Canada and the U.S. still allow its usage.  Clink on the following links for more information.

Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

The Safety of Dental Amalgam

Mercury and Human Health

FDA: About Dental Amalgam

Also see: FDA Issues Final Regulation on Dental Amalgam


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