Wikileaks, War & Warlogs

Wikileaks – doing what it does best. Yet today, Monday July 26th 2010, their website isn’t loading up – (sarcastic) hhmm, I wonder why? Nonetheless, one good source of  Warlog information is The Guardian – it’s just one source, so do your homework and see what other international new agencies are saying about this intelligence leak.  So the big question on everyone’s mind, who gave Wikileaks the sensitive intelligence  information on the Afghan War?  Bringing the intelligence gathering community to its knees – that must hurt!

To be honest with you all, you can’t win the Afghan War without 100% involvement from a furtive Pakistan, a rebellious Iran,  the Afghan government, and other countries that support the Taliban.

After the validity of Wikileak’s information has been checked out  to be accurate – this huge blunder in the intelligence gathering community will have rippling affects for awhile; at least until winter – when Afghanistan grows colder and the Taliban retreat to their hills and homes and await for Spring to start fighting again.  There will be plenty of finger pointing to go around.

Nonetheless, wars are bloody, civilians will be caught in cross fire, diplomacy can go so far, and economic sanctions not far enough.  And the death toll of NATO troops continue to rise, and those who manage to stay alive return home physically and or psychologically disabled.

So, will this intelligence leak bring more stability in the region? Or did Wikileaks shoot down all NATO efforts for cooperation and give the green light for the Taliban to step up their efforts in a bloody campaign against the West?

In my opinion, if the NATO death toll from August-November is higher than last year’s death toll during the same months, then Wikileaks clearly did the West no favors.  However, I’m an optimist, and perhaps there is a silver lining behind this and cooperation increases, dialogue among nations continue, and efforts to decrease Taliban violence is successful.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Afghan Wikileaks a design against the hawks – is it BP etal?

    My take on the Wikileaks is this is intentional undermining of the hawks by other elites. Very possibly a backlash from BP being sabotaged. If the hawks crippled BP because it was doing business with Iran and Libya etc. One effect would be to consolidate all those opposed to hawkish concerns – like the war in Afghanistan.
    Wikileaks is also not the independent voice we are led to believe it is.

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