Q&C: Harper, Saudi Arabia, Sarkozy, & Homoerotism

I have a few questions and comments on the following news items:

  • Harper’s minority government is going nowhere anytime soon! Why not? Until the opposition parties merge, i.e. Liberal and Democrat, the Tories will continue trotting to a steady speed on the treadmill: Check-out  Time’s up on minority government? Image source: The Globe and Mail.

  • Some critics would ask, can you trust the Saudis? Would the arms sale strict up unrest and panic in the region? Nonetheless, the US-Saudi arms deal rings in a new era in diplomatic relations for both countries since 9/11.  It would also mean an increase in job support in the US, and a small but significant decline in the overall US deficit.   And hopefully, some stability in the Middle East with less US involvement.
  • I highly doubt that Sarkozy is mad or lost his mind. Perhaps he does have nuclear capabilities to start the next World War. However, Castro was referring to the human rights abuses of Gypsies by the French, calling it a racial holocaust; which  unfortunately got lost in the Le Monde article leaving the reader to question Castros’ state of mind.

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