From Teen bullying to the needs of Black men

I was reading through yesterday’s issue of USA Today (Nov. 16.2010).  And the first article that caught my attention was Ronnie Brown’s (RB – Miami Dolphins) anti-violence campaign geared towards kids: Brown’s 23 ways to stop youth violence.

I commend Brown on his efforts to help teens learn more productive and healthy ways of managing anger;  and families, communities, churches and schools for doing their part in making sure Brown’s message is successful.  More importantly, thank you USA Today for covering the story.

Also see:  TEEN TRUTH LIVE – Bully & School Violence

As I continued flipping through the paper, DeWayne Wickham’s article popped into view: If young black men don’t learn now, we’ll all pay later’; a lot of people have been saying the same thing for a very long time.  It would be interesting to hear what Black communities across North America are doing to address the socio-economic needs of Black families; particularly, what policies and programs are exceeding their goals in addressing the issues Black men have been encountering since the 1960s.





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