Off to the Races


“The government was defeated on Friday by all three opposition parties on a vote non confidence which declared the Tories were in contempt of Parliament.”

GG dissolved Parliament on Friday, and Canadians will head to the polls on Monday May 2, 2011.  The short campaign schedule will give Canadians enough time to remember the good-bad-and-ugly sides of government.  So will they re-elect Harper’s Regime? Will the Liberals finally get a majority? Or, will the country face its own revolution and elect a socialist-hard left party? For now, we have five weeks, so good luck to the candidates.

P.S. Dear Candidates, something very important to remember: Mercury goes retrograde March 30th for three weeks.  So be very careful what you say, and how you say it, because you will not get a second chance to make corrections; which will make or break your campaign.  Have fun!

image & quote source: The Montreal Gazette



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