“By Any Greens Necessary”


Tracye McQuirter, author and nutritionist, spoke at the 2011 ‘Vegfest’ in Worcester, MA on the week-end.  How I got to see the “hills of Worcester” is a story for another post.  Nonetheless, the turnout was great, and McQuirter’s message was to the point; know your food source (from farm to your plate), change your eating habits to live longer, healthier, and happier.

Bottom Line: every household should have a copy of her book; it’s “the first vegan food guide for African American women” – I have mine! And, I’m looking forward to trying all the receipts including ‘All Hail the Kale Salad’ which was served up for the audience on Sunday; it was delicious.

In the meantime, check out McQuirter’s blog and take a break from the meat and dairy, it will save your life.

P.S. “Worcester…pronounced Wiss-tah or Wooos-tah.”

image source: www.byanygreensnecessary


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