“Mutiny” at the Vatican?

“… Conspiracy City…. Sandal City…. Leak City.”

Earlier this week, I was informed of a possible “mutiny” at the Vatican City.  The ongoing power struggles within the walls of the sovereign State reached  Yahoo News and its readership.

The Vatican story could read like a chapter out of a Dan Brown novel, with plenty of scandalous plots.   There appears to be an unhappiness within the Vatican walls from not having an Italian Pope to “leaked documents exposing corruption and cronyism”.  The Yahoo article also mentioned WikiLeaks cables sent between the U.S. embassy to the Vatican and the U.S. State Department possibly suggesting the Pope to be a “yes man”.

I wrote “possibly” because I was unable to find the WikiLeaks source of the cable confirming the U.S. embassy’s description of the Pope as a “yes man”.  The article editors did not provide a web link to the wire cables.  However, I did check out the WikiLeaks website and was not able to locate the document(s).  Nonetheless, all nation states have difficult moments in its history, and the Vatican is no stranger to dealing with difficult and sometimes shamefully challenging situations.  So, with time, The Holy See will find a way to overtime and move on.


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